AI-Enabled Model Shoots

Helping Fashion Brands Launch Faster

FlixStock is a full-stack imagery solution provider
that helps fashion brands and retailers create high-
quality, eCommerce-ready on-model images.

Fashion Supply Chain

Traditional Process

Impact On Your Business For Not Being Able To Launch On Time

Lose out on
competitive advantage

Learn about
winning product later
Pay lot more on
straggler product

Lose out on full
revenue potential

dead stock

Traditional Model Shoot Process

Time Consuming


Extensive Planning &
Co-ordination between
Multiple Stakeholders

Extensive Planning &
Co-ordination between
Multiple Stakeholders



High-Cost Production
& Repetitive Cycles
For Correction

(High set-up costs,
Expensive Resources,
Phased production cycle)


Time Consuming

Varying Quality
Standards &
Inconsistent Catalogue

(Resourse dependency
& Phased production cycles)

How It Impacts Your Brand

Loss of Revenue

(Delay in Launch during peak season
will cause huge revenue loss )

High Cost

(Repetitive cost for Model Hiring,
Studio Setup, Makeup, Styling etc.)

Loss of Sales Conversion

(Inconsistent and low quality Imagery
will result into low Sales conversion)

FlixStock Making Fashion a Force for Good

0 %
Increase in
go-to-market speed
0 %
Decrease in
operational costs
0 %
Increase in
sales conversion
Infusion Intelligence

Infusing Intelligence
into the Fashion Imagery

FlixStock enables brands to retain the market cap
that they, otherwise, would lose to their competitors.
By automating your eCommerce imagery process,
you invest your time where you need it the most.

Our Product Portfolio Designed to Power Your Global Growth

Smart technology to help
you transform on-mannequin/
on-model product shots into
high-quality, on-model images
of your choice.
End-to-end solution to help you
create or refine catalog-ready
eCommerce images of all types,
including flat lay, ghost,
on-mannequin, and on-model.
Advanced 3D technology
to help you generate
3D garments at scale
from a sketch, tech pack, 3D file,
or an image of the garment.

Trusted by Brands Across the Globe

We are currently serving 30+ global brands. And we’re just getting started.

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Without FlixStock, We won’t be
able to make images live.
Anastasia Dewangga Karlsson
Head of eCommerce
We got this problem, can you solve it
and BOOM you guys solved it!
Kent Fleming
Kent Fleming
Director of Media Services
There’s a child like curiosity of
what’s possible!
Vera Bradley
Doug Wallstrom
Director of Media Photography